Hans Peter Salentin & Taato Gomez – Oneness World

Hans Peter calls and says:“Since years I’ve been dreaming of a record with worldmusic elements !“ I felt a strong happy sensation in my heart and answered without thinking: „Yes! Let’s do it.“ 3 days later, I was already sitting over compositions and chord/groove structures that appeard from heaven. I was empty of any kind of frame. It just „came down“. I sent inmediately some Playbacks to Hans Peter and – in no time at all- I received the most impressive – and highly musical, tasty, funky- Trumpet arrangements in my whole career as a producer. He recorded at his home Studio and sent the tracks to me over Internet.WOW. We almost didn’t talk nor write. Our communication was almost telephatical and of course musical. The inspiration power was astonishing this time. I am very proud of this CD work. Love and Gratitude for the guidance, love and vibration and the loving support of everybody collaborating: Alexandra, Laura, Lenni, Moni, Juan Carlos

Dewey Record Release 2014 Brass recorded at Trump-Studios All others at Taato Gomez Studio Mixed by Taato Gomez Masterd by Manni Struck All Music composed by Taato Gomez & Hans Peter Salentin (co Dewey Records) Lyrics Taato Gomez except „Libelula“ by Jacqueline Patricio da Luz

Musicians: Taato Gomez: keyboards, bass, percussion, vocals, Sound Design Hans Peter Salentin: Trumpets, Flugelhorns, Brass Arrangements

4. LIBELULA 4:57
5. MAYUMI 6:44
9. SPIRIT HU 4:45

1. SALAAM PEACE PRAYER: it all began with the news about big changes in the arabic countries. I felt to send them energy. „I wish you peace…“ Arabic sounds appeared over a funky Bass line. The Harmon mute trumpet is really a calling for peace from the depths of Hans Peter’s Heart!

2. AFRICAN WISDOM: We have to learn to look behind the skin ! To go beyond races, differences and judgments, we recognize the same sun and the same moon everywhere. We are indeed ONE, beyond skin color. HP played wonderfully inviting to a wisdom dance. Outstanding melodies.

3. JAI GANESHA DEVA: Alexandra, a yoga teacher, said: A new project like this needs the blessings of Jai Ganesha. Suddenly an axplosion of tablas and dance groove appeared. Indian Sitars intermingle with the most funky Trumpets ever. Funky indian music was born right there, expressing Ganeshas happiness.

4. LIBELULA – dragonfly: the nylon string guitar suddenly manifested a Bossa Nova. Listening to it,my mind showed me the image of Jaqueline Patricio da Luz, a wonderful brasilian singer in Austria. She wrote a beautiful Lyric with the image of the soul of a woman, as an awakening child inside, like a dragonfly. HP Trumpet solo is a real dragonfly whirling around

5. MAYUMI: HP offered a concert for Japan. He invited the beautiful pianist MAYUMI MOTOHASHI as a musical ambassador to germany. Inspired by her heavenly talent and deep warmth and purity, we discovered Japan’s soul in her heart. HP’s beautiful offering of the most deep friendship and recognition is shown in his careful playing!

6. LINDA PRECIOSA: southamerican compliments to a beautiful female soul: „You are beautiful and precious!“ HP’s trumpets fly over the Andes Maountains like a Condor spreading charm and recognition of beauty and happiness all over …

7. SOMOS SHAMANES: Listening to a caribbean salsa composition by Hans Peter, I hear my dad saying : „I came to the world to help and not to disturb !“ I see shamans all over the planet, praying and sending good vibrations to raise the frequency of the earth. An offering to everyone doing and working for the Good for the planet!

8. SHAOLIN WARRIOR: Every note of the main Theme, played on Shaolin funky trumpets, is in accordance to a special sword form coming from the Shaolin monks tradition. I was lucky to work with them and this piece is a form of unity dance and brotherhood with the chinese Wisdom and Tradition. „We walk the path of light together…“

9. SPIRIT HU: a oneness mix of traditions and gospel chords sang a capella in a dialog with Flugelhorn and trumpets played to the Spirit HU. (In many traditions – one of the names of God)

10. ONENESS WORLD: inspired by a sunday morning after dancing 5 Rythms, this melody and lyric came so impulsively, that I had to run to the mobile phone to record the idea as a Memo. I received next day the most impressive trumpet arrangement and Flugelhorn/trumpet solos in my life. I had tears in my eyes . Thank you Hans Peter.

All Music composed by Taato Gomez and Hans Peter Salentin Lyrics Taato Gomez except „Libelula“ by Jacqueline Patricio da Luz Musicians: Taato Gomez: keyboards, bass, percussion, vocals, Sound Design Hans Peter Salentin: Trumpets, Flugelhorns, Brass Arrangements

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