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This Dewey Record release is a melting pot of metropolitan melodies over big city beats and chord changes full of street credibility.

HP Salentin creates the perfect soundtrack for the urban lifestyle by combining modern sounds

and rhythms with the attitude of a sophisticated jazz cat.

Over the course of some month HpSalentin recorded all the instruments for the 10 songs in his own studio

where he programmed electronic rhythms and sequences in his computer

and then added organic trumpet parts on top to create a unique mix of sonic elements.

1. Urban Dicionary
2. Moscow Mule
3. Lazy Afternoon
4. Cosmic Venue
5. Eleven Monkeys
6. Rush Hour
7. Transformation
8. A beer for the pianist
9. Fashion Mood
10. Starry Nights

recorded December 2019-Januar 2020 at HPStudio Cologne

Cover Art by Hans Jörg Scheffler

Mastering by Manni Struck

Pic co Ekaterina Konsulova

released Januar 2020