Hans Peter Salentin – It´s up to you

Erschienen 1995 bei Mons Records
Tracks 1-7: Rec. and mixed Nov. 1994
Tracks 8-10: Rec. and mixed in Krakow 5./6.11.92

Purzel Beck, Guitar
Klaus Mages, Perc.
Mike Herting, Keyboard/Drums/progr./Synth. and Piano
Dave King, Bass
Werner Neumann, Guitar
Bert Smaak, Drums
Frank Köllges, Drums
Jarek Smietana, Guitar
Piotr Baron, Tenor
Antoni Debski, Bass
Cezary Konrad, Drums
HpS, Trumpet

Compositions by C.Parker, John Scofield, Sam Rivers, Jerome Kern and HpSalentin

1. Cologne summer (Salentin) 5.04
2. It’s up to you (Salentin) 5.29
3. Skip (Salentin/Herting) 5.46
4. Old Chicken (Salentin) 9.09
5. One for Greg (Salentin) 3.56
6. Open Lines (Salentin) 5.29
7. It’s up to you (Salentin) 5.03
8. Crazeology (C.Parker) 7.02
9. Beatrice (Sam Rivers) 6.33
10. Eisenhower (J.Scofield) 7.10
11. All the things you are (J.Kern) 5.08

A Studio and live Recording with Hip Hop Grooves and Straight Ahead Jazz
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