Hans Peter Salentin new CD ,,Storyteller“

    2018 DEWEY RECORDS proudly presents :




    12 musical short stories
    written on a trumpet
    An audiobook without words
    HP Salentin is the
    Listen and Available only for download at Amazon- CD Baby – I Tunes – Spotify


    Dewey Record Release 2018 :

    Hans Peter Salentin new CD is available now ,,Storyteller“ only for Download Amazon -I tunes – CD Baby- Google, Spotify ….ect Dewey Record Release 2018 :
    Thxs to all musicans from all over , who where involved in that Music:
    specialy : Pablo DelPozo Tkachenko and Stoyan Bozov
    for working hard on that Arrangements.
    Thxs to Hristo Karagiozow for putting all together.
    Great Job !
    Thxs to all Musicians who where involved :
    Stoyan Bozov
    Hristo Karagiozov
    Bryan Cuadrado Suarez
    Matias Enrique Brito Pusic
    Pablo Del Pozo Tkatchenko
    Hristo Penev
    all Songs composed by Hans Peter Salentin for Dewey Records

    recorded 2017
    in Bulgaria / Sofia at Pro Design Studio
    Germany/ Cologne at TP -Studio

    Cover & Video Artwork Hj. Scheffler

    Eberhard Klunker CD ,,Sixteen“


    Eberhard Klunker CD ,,sixteen“

    6 Instrumental Tracks composed by Eberhard Klunker

    1. Sixteen

    2. Bootsmann

    3. Improvisation on ,,der Zauberer“

    4. Minor Third Waltz

    5. September,Flam & Co.

    6. Where are you now ?

    1 &3rd co composed Olaf Wegener

    171218-schmutz-klunker-album-artwork-16-black-m1 (1)

    Label   Dewey Records


    soon on CD Baby-Amazon ect…..


    New CD ,,QUESTS “ by Nataliya Lebedeva


    we are happy to announce this CD on Dewey Records !

    Thxs to all people who are involved in this outstanding project.


    LAURA MARTI – vocal & poetry reciting
    VIKTOR PAVELKO – tenor and soprano sax
    NATALIYA LEBEDEVA – arrangements, piano & keyboards
    IGOR ZAKUS – bass
    ROMAN YAKOVCHUK – drums & percussion
    HANS PETER SALENTIN – special guest, trumpet, flugelhorn (2,4,5,7)
    recorded Oktober 2016 / Kiew- Ukrainia
    The creation of this album has been inspired by the genius of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin
    and some of his great works. Great music is always an infinite of Universe.
    The world around us is full of enigmas and unexpected things.
    In the same way music never fully reveals its secrets and mysteries.
    The changes of life are reflected in music, which sounds inside us.
    Jazz holds an incredible power of mirroring the dynamic flow of the time.
    The power of questing. Our QUESTS is a peculiar point of view of the imperishable beauty of Copin’s music.
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    very soon as physical CD
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    NEW CD ,,Try to feel “ Laura & Kristina Marti feat HpSalentin


    This album ,,Try to Feel “ is new international project of ukrainian jazz vocalists Laura Marti & Kristina Marti and german trumpet player Hans Peter Salentin, who meet together in Ukraine for compose and play music.

    The collaboration started some years ago at Cho Jazz ( Poland) summer 2015

    In 2016 they toured  Ukrainia and performed in Lviv / Kiew / Odessa

    Kiew,  Oktober 2016 they recorded the CD  ,,Try to feel“

    9 original compositions by the musicians

    we are very happy to announce this CD on DEWEY RECORDS

    a very big thank you goes to:  Sir Vladimir Kaminskiy !!!


    LAURA MARTI – vocal
    NATALIYA LEBEDEVA –  piano & keyboards
    IGOR ZAKUS – bass
    ROMAN YAKOVCHUK – drums & percussion
    HANS PETER SALENTIN –  trumpet, flugelhorn


    New release on DEWEY RECORDS !

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    soon as physical CD,s also

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    NEW CD : KAZHARGAN WORLD ,,Destinantion“

    CD Destinations

    the 3rd CD on Dewey Records

    Flute & Spoken Words : Cheryl Pyle
    Guitar & Sitar : Max Ridgway
    Bass : Sean O’Bryan Smith
    Drums & Percussion : Laurent Planells

    Trumpet & Horns : Hans Peter Salentin
    Producer/Composer/Piano : Stanislav Zaslavsky
    „As it is good to get lost in this musical intoxication expertly composed,
    cleverly orchestrated, where nothing is final and sure, like life, and as know the be the great artistic creations who show us the way, the only, the real,
    One of the „creative intranquillity“ where anything can happen.

    We will notice so the aspect of protean and multicultural kazhargan „destinations“ where the musicians know, for our greatest happiness, dialogue and invent a way of life together. „

    Patrick Geffroy Yorffeg


    Neue CD Batzi Gürke ,,Point of View“

    NEW CD ,,POINT of VIEW “   Batzi Gürke     on DEWEY RECORDS :

    Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Personen auf einer Bühne, Musiker, Nacht und Konzert


    The story of this CD started about more than 30 years ago.

    In those days 5 young musicians had a quintet and they played Modern Jazz in the Cologne area.

    All of them were still students when the band split up after 2 years.
    In 2015 there was one thought maturing in Batzi`s head:

    recording a CD with new compositions and with the members of the old band!

    Since the first rehearsal it was obvious that the band functioned right from the start!
    The 10 songs to be heard on the CD were all composed and arranged by Batzi.

    All songs are straight compositions which are lead to exceptional interpretations

    by the extraordinary gifted participating musicians.
    Contemporary Jazz, enriched with Latin and Blues, is the main emphasis of this CD arrangement.



    NEUE CD ,, Sitting at the Lake“

    Es war schon immer ein Traum, diese Art von Lounge Musik zu machen.

    Die Idee kam HpSalentin bei alten Michael Franks CD,s.

    Großartige internationale wie nationale Künstler haben ihn dabei unterstützt.

    Max Ridgway ( NY-USA- Guitar), Benni Freibott ( D – Guitar/ Vocal), Yves Ferrand ( D-Sopran Sax),

    Tato Gomez (Chile-Vocal, Guitar,Bass, Programming & Mixing ), Cheryl Pyle ( NY USA – Vocal, Lyrics,Flute),

    Toni Cimorosi (NY-USA- Bass ) Manni Struck ( Master) und Hans Jörg Scheffler (Artwork)

    1. Sitting at the Lake    4:05
    2. Sientes                       3:30
    3. Stars shine above    3:19
    4. Miller’s Basement   2:54
    5. Take us to the milky Way    6:24
    6. Endless Memories     3:35
    7. Once del Once             4:16
    8. Hanging out in the Park    3:49
    9. Corazon del Melon     4:20
    10. Dishes for Freddy  5:58                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Die Musik auf :
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    Natalie Kies CD ,,Storyteller “

    Natalie_KiesListen, learn and cry… So endet das Intro des Debüt Albums Storyteller, der großartigen Pianistin, Komponistin und Sängerin Natalie Kies. Ihre nataliekies2polnischen Wurzeln finden sich durchaus in der modernen Spielweise ihres Piano- Spiels wieder. Zeitgenössische akustische Musik mit der Handschrift einer großen Künstlerin und ihres hervorsagenden Trios, ziehen den Zuhörer in seinen
    Bann. Storyteller : ,,Listen.learn and cry…“ Die 12 Geschichten erzählen jedoch nicht nur von Traurigkeit, sie sind vielmehr eine Reise durch die unterschiedlichsten Gefühlswelten des Lebens. Ihre Musik ist wie ihr Lebensweg… nicht gradlinig, sondern verschlungen, labyrinthisch… mit Umwegen und Stopps in unterschiedlichsten musikalischen Ländern, gestrandet in ihrer eigenen musikalischen Welt, voller reizvoller Kontraste und viel Raum für Entfaltung. Mit Natalie Kies am Piano und Vocals, Gael Petrina (Paris) am Bass und Simon Scheibel (Köln) am Schlagzeug werden die Kompositionen zu einem außergewöhnlichen Hörerlebnis.


    Natalie Kies CD ,,Storyteller “

    cd Baby,
    I Tunes
    und natürlich auf Dewey 11,90 Euro + Versand




    My CD ,,Travels“ reflects my thoughts and emotions about the past 12 months. Each of the 12 songs is very special and speaks for itself. Again HpS would like to thank his friends, who helped to finish this project : Mandy van Baaren, who did the great vocals and Yves Ferrand on tenor & soprano sax. Thanks to Hans Jörg Scheffler for the cover design! HpS plays ADAMS Instruments