Chill Out Play A longs for all Instruments – Minor Edition


Hans Peter Salentin

Chill Out Play alongs for all Instruments

Minor Edition

  1. London Square C&D Minor T= 100
  2. Stairway B Minor T= 100
  3. Mumga Sisa Bb Minor T= 100
  4. Streetfood A Minor T= 120
  5. Summer wind Ab Minor T= 100
  6. Spacelab G Minor T= 90
  7. Weekend F# Minor T= 111
  8. Down South F Minor T= 85
  9. Saturn Avenue E Minor T= 80
  10. Morning Sun Eb Minor T= 90
  11. San Francisco D Minor T= 100
  12. Marrakesch Db Minor T= 90
  13. Countryside F Minor T= 100 Bonus Track
  14. Lombardi F# Minor T= 100 Bonus Track

all Songs composed by HpSalentin

recorded at HpStudio June/August 2018

all rights reserved- GEMA

The Songs start from C & D Minor on the first song and

go half step down for the next song :

B Minor and after Bb Minor and then A Minor ect…

2 different Keys are only used in the very first song.

This Play along was made to give a beginner the chance to start

by checking single notes and simple phrases.

Next step would be to start from the Roote Note and start the Minor Scale, very often b6 included.

For Advance Player it,s fun to check the different possibilities

from Dorian scale to b6 or add Major 7 or b9 ect….

You will find a lot of possibilities.

Each song creates a different mood and will lead you to another space.