New CD 2024 Nothing but happiness

NEW CD ,,Nothing but Happiness“
Cover CD nothing but happiness
After 6 intense weeks of recording I am nothing but happy to present you my latest release.
In cooperation with Hans Jörg Scheffler who helped with arranging and mixing, this new album is distributed worldwide by CD Baby and is now available for streaming and download at all major platforms.
HpSalentin : ,,On my way back from Poland a had a nice conversation with a member of the dance company KOMOCODANCE.
This encounter sparked the idea to create music that is made to dance to without being restricted to the dancefloor.
13 original compositions beyond any musical boundaries.
,,Marche Dejean“ is the name of the biggest African market in Paris.
I dedicated this song to Hugh Masekela, the great African trumpet player.
,,Chogori“ is the Nepalese name for the K2 mountain and will take you straight to the top of the world.
,,Dehli routines“ combines traditional Indian flavours with western elements.
the title song
,,Nothing but happiness“ celebrates the joy of being alive.
Contemporary music, full of positive vibes that hopefully will put you on your feet and make you dance.
CD ,,nothing but happiness“
big thxs to India
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