CD Hans Peter Salentin ,,Quartier Latin Playalong Edition “


CD Hans Peter Salentin ,, Quartier Latin playalong edition“

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Digital Audio for additional Instruments and Editing

Cover Design Hans Jörg Scheffler

Master by Manni Struck

April to May 2020

during Covid Times


produced by Hans Peter Salentin  feat .:

Igor Zakus Bass All Tracks

Avinoam Ettun Guitar 2,3,9

Sergey Yuzvik Drums All Tracks

Andrew Nikk Guitar 4, 6,11

Hans Fücker Piano All Tracks

1. Lady from Rio 3:39

2. Luna Dance 2:52

3.Hello Mr Jones 3:14

4.Jordu Cha Cha 4:34

5.Chez Roke 5:51

6.You Never Know 3:50

7.My Black Bird 3:49

8.Donna Leon 3:21

9.The Deep Blue 3:20

10.Spring Samba 2:44

  1. Life Is Beautiful 5:05

All Songs composed by Hans Peter Salentin

based on Standard Chord changes ( you will find in I Real )

please check the CD Quartier Latin to get the Original Melodys and real Solos.

CD Hans Peter Salentin ,,Quartier Latin Playalong Edition

The Songs on Quartier Latin Playalong Edition have the same order

than the Songs on CD Hans Peter Salentin ,,Quartier Latin“

and the music is based on this ,

which you can easily find on I Real and use for this Playalong……

very common Standard Changes in a Latin way.