CD Pop Agenda

a Masterpiece :

Pop Agenda

CD Cover Pop Agenda 1

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recorded at HpStudio Cologne -Moscow Studio-Kiev Studio

March to April 2020

additional Recordings by Hans Jörg Scheffler


all Compositions by Hans Peter Salentin

groovy and very sophisticated at the same time…..close to POP

and fur shure  a fantastic AGENDA

the All Star Project was a result of this Look Down in Convid Times. March 2020


If you check all names carefully , you will be astonished by the list of Legends ,

they have been working with :

from Quincy Jones to Jacob Collier…..a realy impressive List……..

and very productive coorporation !

79405408_1868964053247670_8240611587417702400_o-300x200Anton Davidyants Bass

52819962_2130413753701104_8275405267806453760_o-300x200Eugene Uvarov Guitar


19275313_1954694234765616_6695740797327472258_n-300x168 Sergey Yuzvik Drums

79684677_10218346700032244_3417550467209625600_oHans Peter Salentin ( Tp/ Flgh / Sounds-Compositions)