CD ,,Quartier Latin“



CD Info Quartier Latin

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CD Hans Peter Salentin ,,Quartier Latin“

Released 2020

Dewey Records

Standards played by Hans Peter Salentin tp/ Flgh

feat .:

Igor Zakus Bass All Tracks

Avinoam Ettun Guitar 2,3,9

Sergey Yuzvik Drums All Tracks

Andrew Nikk Guitar 4, 6,11

Hans Fücker Piano All Tracks

Piotr Baron Tenor Sax 1,5,9

thxs to

Digital Audio for additional Instruments and Editing

Cover Design Hans Jörg Scheffler

Master by Manni Struck

Recorded March to May 2020


1.Girl from Ipanema 3:38

2.Fly Me to the Moon 2:52

3.Have You Met Miss Jones 3:14

4.Jordu 4:34

5.Cherokee 5:51

6.Good Morning Heartache 3:50

7.Bye Bye Blackbird 3:49

8.Donna Lee 3:21

9.Body and Soul 3:20

10.Joy Spring 2:45

11. La vie en Rose 5:05


The Story behind: CD Hans Peter Salentin ,,Quartier Latin “

Covid Times and Breakdown of all activities.

Hans Peter Salentin decided to work on long time Ideas and record this Music.

So, he started to ask friends from all over

Israel, Poland, Ukrainia, Russia,Germany to help him on that Project.

The idea :

to record Standards ,which Hans Peter Salentin used to play since years

with all students,

on all Workshops

and musical meetings all over the World.

And one goal : to make a nice relaxed version of each song in a Latin way.

Some of his favorite Music was recorded :

Good Morning Heartache

La vie en Rose

which are beautiful Compositions, as well as

Girl from Ipanema and many more….all in a relaxed Lation way.

Enjoy the play by all Masters,

dedicated to the Masters, who composed that Music.

Thxs to my Friends to make this Project come true:

Igor, Piotr, Sergey, Hans, Avinoam, Andrew…..