Natalie Kies ,,Storyteller “

„Listen, learn and cry…“ This is how the intro of the debut album Storyteller ends.

Natalie Kies and her trio worked on the album at SUPOW Studios in Cologne.

But the 12 stories are not just about sadness, they are rather a journey across the different emotions of life.

Kies experiments with various rhythms and extraordinary harmonies.

Although her compositions partly have pop character they still leave room for improvisatory elements and influences.

This fine line between different music styles and epochs makes these songs special and unique.

Her music is like her path of life…not straight-line but intertwined and labyrinthine…

with detours and stops in different musical countries,

stranded in her own musical world full of charming contrasts and plenty of room for evolvement. 2012 Kies founded her own band, Natalie Kies:

with her on piano and vocals, Gael Petrina on bass and Simon Scheibel on drums her compositions become an extraordinary listening experience.

Natalie Kies – Vocals / Piano
Gael Petrina – Upright bass / EFX
Simon Scheibel – Drums / Percussion

Recorded and mixed by Manuel Schlindwein @ Supow Studio, Cologne 2012
Mastered by Stefan Heger

All Photography and Artwork © Elias Wessel, New York 2012

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1. Intro 3:24
2. Storyteller 3:03
3. Once Upon a Time 3:42
4. Seventh Sense 3:33
5. Missing Song 4:07
6. One of Those Days 3:06
7. Sweet Little Lie 3:53
8. Ghostlight 2:45
9. Free 3:51
10. Serious Nine 3:28
11. Even 4:36
12. Sometimes 3:31