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222bStanislav Zaslavsky – Stan Z
Modern jazz pianist composer and producer from Russia with amazing compositions, beautiful sound on the piano with contemporary jazz ideas incorporating the history of jazz within the unique music he plays.

Stan currently is a sound-producer on the radio and runs on several fm radio stations in russia with more than 12 years experience and has a vast creative knowledge of mixing and composition with musicians in europe and online projects worldwide.

In 2008, Stan created his own studio KAZHARGAN, which focused first on video shooting and editing music videos. The first collaboration was with Barbara Meyer from Germany. She plays the Indian national instruments in the soundtrack to film: WELCOME ON KAZHARGAN, Guitar & Sax by Aleksandr Pyshmintsev. Soon this developed into projects worldwide with his own music videos, and composing his original music using the Roland piano.

Stan’s favorite musicians include Brad Mehldau, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Danilo Perez, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Horace Silver and others plan an important influence in his unique sound.

In 2010, Stan met a remarkable German jazz trumpeter Hans Peter Salentin, and has now recorded music together with piano and trumpet. first songrelease is called MILES TIMES .

The group sound and personal began to take shape and soon they were joined by an amazing jazz bassist from New Jersey , Tony Cimorosi . Together with Tony, Stan and Hans recorded a couple more tunes adding Stan’s father, Alexander to help them with some amazing drums and jazz percussion.

In 2011, Stan met with the magic of jazz flutist – Cheryl Pyle from NYC. Their story goes on with the group recording more original jazz and unique music from the heart.

„Kazhargan. A word of open gestures
a word with no specific translation
open values in the meaning for us all to
seek out – find your own way …
in songs of worlds born in
heart sound jazz.“

– Cheryl Pyle 10-29-2011 –

„The poem sets the scene for the entire story. Through the open gestures of talented artists from around the globe Kazhargan World is born. With a love for unity and the furthering of jazz, a unique combination of musical talents took on the distinct challenge of creating world class jazz while never being able to interact in the same room. For generations this concept seemed futile but in truth it was only waiting for the right people to accept the challenge. From Russia to Germany to across the United States of America the artists laid out their hearts and their souls for music that was bigger than them and all about heart and sounds and jazz. As the residents of Kazhargan World we invite you in and we hope you enjoy.“Sean O’Bryan Smith


2017 is the next Release on dewey Records :

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