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Dewey Records proudly presents the Gitarrist and Composer
Eberhard Klunker

In 2015 the influential „Minor 7“ review wrote on Eberhard Klunker’s Album „Lietzensee“: „Lietzensee might be the best acoustic release of the year!“
On his 2018 released album „16“ Eberhard Klunker states:
„The music you hear on this album is mainly a result of improvisation. A recording normaly starts off with a musical theme, a key or a tempo that I may have in mind. After a while the music developes freely in a new and unknown direction. Sometimes there ist nothing planned at all. For example „Minor Third Waltz“ emerged without any planning in advance. For me this kind of freedom is a big advandage of playing as a soloist.
As much important as the spontanety of the performance is the dialogue with the reverberance of the room. Therefore I do not use any artifical reverb or other sound processing on my recordings. In „Improvisation on Bootsmann“ I walk in the room with the instrument while playing. This result is an effect that is rather associated with electronic music. The sound characteristics of the room are an integral part of this album.
A main goal of these recordings is to present an acoustic guitar sound that is totally natural. I want to thank Christoph Stickel for his great work in the mix – and mastering process.“

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