Salentin & Scheffler NEU !!! CD ,,The Handmade Tales“

the handmade Tales

The Handmade Tales

by Salentin & Scheffler

Twelve musical short stories told by two musicians
in a variety of styles ranging from urban grooves to sophisticated lounge and fusion pieces.
The writing is on the wall-this music speaks for itself!
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the next chapter in the continuing story of Salentin&Scheffler
A collection of twelve conversation pieces using non verbal communication
to create tonal poems of fragile beauty and uplifting tunes full of urban funk.
Unlike other Salentin&Scheffler releases where each tune features guest musicians
from all around the globe, „The Handmade Tales“ is a much more intimate project.
A dialouge beyond words between two musicians that talk the same language.
The duo creates kopfkino soundtracks full of poetic melodies and lyrical rhythms.

Enjoy 50 minutes of music that speaks for itself.

2. Waterproof
3. Nine 2 Five
4. Surface Attention
5. Color Code
6. Never Odd or Even
7. Refractions
8. Swing Wing Thing
9. Out of Focus
10. Señor Moments
11. Cityscope
12. Reality Check