CD Salentin& Scheffler ,,The Fermi Paradox“

Die CD  ,,The Fermi Paradox “der beiden Ausnahme Könner ist seit März 2019 auf dem Markt

,,the fermi Paradox”

They say there is no sound in space so we changed that.

12 tunes in a retro scifi fusion style that is tonally sophisticated and sonically futureproof .

Take off and explore this spaced out music.


A pulsing rhythmbed of electronic beats and
handplayed drums and percussion by Matthias Knorr and Craig Blundell /Steve Wilson band is the driving force
behind the harmonically rich soundscapes over which HP Salentin spins his stories on trumpet and flugelhorn.
Guest soloists like the russian bass wonder Anton Davidyants or the incredibly talented Igor Len from LA on solosynth and
Nikita Mochalin on sax make this release the musical sequel to the east/west space race.
Jean Mi Kadjan from Paris adds a distinctive flavor with his amazing guitarplaying to the multilayered arrangements
by Hans Joerg Scheffler who contributed most of the keyboard parts in this production.
A musical adventure that crosses many different styles with lots of enexpected twists and
turns not only for scifi nerds but any universal music lover.
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