Kazhargan World – Wonderful Times

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1. Wonderful Times (7:00)
2. Children Ot The World (7:29)
3. Mayan Prophecy (5:35)
4. Other Constellations (3:23)
5. After Time (5:44)
6. Spirit Of Discovery (3:25)
7. Invisible Celebration (4:21)
8. Live Under Water (3:16)
9. My Motherland (4:53)
10. Irene Was Here (3:54)
11. All Day Rain (3:02)
12. Cuban Snow (5:34)


Piano: Stan Z (Russia), Trumpet: Hans Peter Salentin (Germany), Flute: Cheryl Pyle (New York), Guitar: Max Ridgway (USA), Sax: Brian Mitchell Brody (USA), Electric bass: Sean O’Bryan Smith (USA), NS Double bass: Tony Cimorosi (New York), Drums & Percussion: Papa Z (Russia)

„If you haven`t heard these guys, you should make a point of checking their music out especially if you are into jazz and free form. their musical expression is like a refreshing breeze on a humid day innovative, imaginative, skillfully weaving a tapestry of colours and sounds soothing and confortable like a favourite chair, familiar yet promising new horizons with every bar they play.“

Adam Goodman

„I express my gratitude and admiration for my wonderful friends and excellent musicians: Hans Peter Salentin from Germany, Cheryl Pyle and Tony Cimorosi from New York, Sean O’Bryan Smith from Tennessee, Max Ridgway and Brian Mitchell Brody from Oklahoma. thanks for their skill and devotion to music, good sensitivity, patience and love.“

Stan Z

CD Baby Review,
Richard Mortifoglio NYC 2012:

„There’s a happy, dancing quality to the whole bright affair. Hans Peter Salentin’s strong trumpet work (alternating on mute) predominates but it is Cheryl Pyle’s fluent flute work which truly shines in the mix. Pyle also contributes some evocative spoken word interludes („Invisible Celebration,“ „Irene Was Here“), her unmistakable American accent grounding this ostensible world project in some ideal, imaginary USA of the ear. Throughout Zaslavsky provides sympathetic support on acoustic and electric keys, giving ample room to his selected group of soloists, and never once hogging the proceedings.“

Review by Richard Mortifoglio – Manhattan, New York, January 27, 2012:
„This excellent new jazz release is the happy result of cross-national internet file sharing — often a recipe for clunky step-on-each-other’s-foot instrumental interplay but you wouldn’t know it from the seamless results to be heard here. Among the many multi-talents on display is trumpet from Cologne (Hans Peter Salentin) Likewise the sound on WONDERFUL TIMES is a post-fusion melange of late-Miles themes and other contemporary jazz tropes. But it’s never overly abstract or typically avant-garde or, worse, second-hand. Instead there’s a happy, dancing quality to the whole bright affair. Hans Peter Salentin’s strong trumpet work …“

Review by Brent Black – Jan. 29, 2012
(Publisher at
“ ‚After Time‘ carries the cool post bop vibe of Miles Davis where trumpet virtuoso Hans Peter Salentin tips his musical hat to the icon with a stellar muted trumpet and groove to match. Normally spoken word pieces that pop up in the jazz idiom are like nails down a chalk board for me but not here. The incredibly open ended sound, all most conceptual by nature is perfectly suited to the occasional spoken word piece by Cheryl Pyle. The zen like approach of Pyle captures the essence of the compositions perfectly. „Live Under Water“ continues the Miles Davis ambient quality with Salentin’s virtuoso like performance. The ebb and flow and effortless cohesion of this large ensemble takes on the feel of the more traditional working band while keeping in mind this recording is all done via the Internet. „Irene Was Here“ is an expressive ballad and delightful lyrical gem featuring Pyle along with pianist Stan Z.
An overall warmth and accessibility permeates Kazhargan World. A world that is a unique and engaging both on a visceral and cerebral level. To achieve an organic base while pushing each individual voice to achieve their own special character under these highly formatted conditions is an amazing accomplishment. Kazhargan World takes the more free form approach and creates their own post modern hybrid that is a sweeping sound scape of lyrical and harmonic ingenuity. Each musician involved is deserving of high praise.“