Hans Peter Salentin – Unknown Spaces

© Paul Düster

Erschienen 2012 bei dewey-records
Recorded at Trump-Studios Sept 2012
Mastered by Manni Struck

All Compositions by HpS GEMA




1.Unknown Spaces 10.50
2. Arrival 6.59
3. Desire 9.55
4.Lost in Space 5.31
5.Earthlings 11.42
6. Encounters 6.03
7. Alien Love Dance 8.13


All tracks composed, recorded, all Instruments by German Composer Hans Peter Salentin

Original Music for Movie „Unknown Spaces“ for Paul Greven. In November Paul Greven invited HpSalentin to his ART Symposium and asked HpS to compose Music for his project , including a movie documentary of that Symposium. So HpS begann to compose music for that. The music deals with very spacy elements and at the same time it got some realy nice melodys. All trackes and instruments were recorded and played by HpS, additional Voices by Janosch Salentin and Daniel Kreins.

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