Hans Peter Salentin – Blue WIndow

Erschienen 2012 bei dewey-records
Recorded and mixed at RecPublica Studios / Poland 31.10.2011, 05.02./26.02.2012
Soundengineer: Patryk Zukowski
Mastered by Manni Struck

All Compositions by HpS GEMA
Except 9 by Jerome Kern

1. Blue Window 4:37
2. Mongolian Song 5:14
3. Greenwall 5:43
4. Mr. B Was Here 3:22
5. Lake of Unspoken Words 4:40
6. Wishes and Dreams 2:37
7. Trip Down Memory Lane 3:30
8. Over the Years ( Tokyo) 4:11
9. All the Things You Are


Kuba Stankiewicz Piano
Roman Chraniuk Bass
Marcin Jahr Drums
Julia Sawicka Vocal
HpSalentin tp/Flgh ( Piano Track 6)

Cheryl Pyle Flute/ Vocal / Lyrics on Track 6)
Dirk Rumig Bassclarinett ( Track 1/3/5)

Lyrics for Greenwall :Julia Sawicka/Marek Sawicki
Lyrics for Blue Window :Justyna Lenk

This Music was mostly composed during the Tragedy of Fukushima
May 2011. and late summer 2011
This music is dedicated to my japanese and polish Friends
ONE WORLD Thank you to all musicians who put their love and energy to this project and made it happen. That what friends are for.

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