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Hans Peter Salentin & Hans Jörg Scheffler
Music for Domestic Disagreements

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Erschienen 2012 bei dewey-records
Mastered by Manni Struck

All Compositions by HpS GEMA
Except 9 by Jerome Kern

1. Colorblinds 4.58
2.Watermarks 5.14
3. Common Notes 5.43
4.Whiteout 5.27
6. Faceshifter 4.43
7. Oil of Canvas 5.13
8. Floatingpoint 5.54
9. Perpetual Emotion 5.14
10. Niteliner. 5.48
11. Inceptional Waveshaper 6.17
12. Peak Traffic 5.38


Scott Tibbs, John Maul and Dieter Greifenberg, Piano/Rhodes;
Bennie Freibott, Gundy Keller, Manfred Franzkowiak and Ernie Galla, Guitars;
Torsten Kamps, Saxophon;
Efrain Toro, Percussions;
Craig Blundell, Drums

Get in the comfort zone where slick solos and sophisticated harmonies meet urban beats with a twist . 12 loungey songs played by reknown german trumpet viruoso HP Salentin and produced by HJ Scheffler. Together with a lineup of A-players from all around the world they set out to create an album that stands out from the rest.

Cover Illustration by © Oliver Lehmann
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